More funding has been allocated to projects from the Essential Life Skills Fund to support young people across Scarborough, Whitby and Filey to take part in regular extra-curricular activities.

Animated Objects will be running a series of project based arts skills sessions for young people building artistic and personal skills. Sessions will include: large scale art, Construction skills, Lantern Making, Animation, Textiles, Sculpture, and Digital Art Skills.

Futureworks will provide a number of practical and physical activities to help young people develop their confidence and other vital life skills.

Gallows Close Centre will provide a range of activities for children and young people exposing them to new skills and experiences in an environment they feel comfortable with. Activities will includes: mixed martial arts, gymnastics and street dance.

Gladstone Road Primary School will help pupils to connect with their natural environment through after-school, lunch time and full day sessions

Invisible Dust will work with North Yorkshire Libraries to create a new extra-curricular digital project. This project will support young people to become more confident by developing creative, digital and communication skills.

Kingdom Faith’s Youth Angels will provide more support for young people to overcome low self-esteem, bullying and low self-confidence.

Krash Labs will provide a weekly after-school session across the area. Sessions will focus on how computer gaming can help young people to explore more creative digital skills such as programming, digital art, digital music and animation.

NYBEP will support groups of young people to discover hidden talents, connect with the outdoors and understand the world of work. This will take place through workshops, masterclasses, skills sessions and employer led challenges.

‘Team Street Stars’ young people will access enriching new outdoor physical activities which help to promote learning, emotional and social advancements in an alternative setting which they may not be able to access independently. This may include: theatre, the arts, museums and cultural trips.

Sidewalk Youth Project will deliver mentoring opportunities, as well as support young people to take part in social action as part of ongoing community development.

Scarborough and Ryedale Young Carers Resource will provide support to a group of young carers to overcome the barriers to participating in extra-curricular activities.

The Wave Project will deliver a programme of surf therapy supported by local volunteer surf mentors. They will also run weekly surf club sessions to provide regular extra-curricular activities.

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