Peer Networks
This reflective practice supports individuals to meet virtually in small groups to identify and discuss current and challenging issues. Coaching style questions from the group will support you to explore context, barriers, and options. This will help you to identify actions that will move the issue forward, secure in the knowledge that the discussion remains confidential to the group.

“The process helped me with my problem – after discussing it I felt like a weight had been lifted and it gave me new/different ideas how to deal with it”.

• Delivering innovative solutions to real issues, based upon insightful questioning to clarify the exact nature of the problem
• Safety and mutual support, which enables the development of more comprehensive knowledge
• Fosters constructive peer challenge and the sharing of ideas in a confidential setting
• Developing questioning and coaching skills, and experiencing the impact of insightful questions

Susan McGinn from NYHR will provide training and facilitation, fully funded through the Opportunity Area programme, building on her experience of working with schools as a coach and supporting peer network groups, based on the principles of action learning.

Head teachers and senior leaders may access up to three fully-funded coaching sessions from May, subject to capacity. Availability is limited and places will be allocated in order of application. Coaching provides one to one support and challenge, enabling you to develop new insight, and identify actions to achieve your objectives in a confidential, non-judgemental environment.

When will this commence?
Join a peer network of head teachers and senior leaders (up to 8 people) meeting on-line every half term. We will establish two independent groups with fully-funded facilitation and training to commence on-line network meetings from September 2021.

Coaching is available from May onwards.

How do we get involved?
To book a place or to obtain further information, please contact Susan McGinn, NYHR, by 16th May 2021.Places are limited and will be allocated in order of application.


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