Emotional (or Anxiety) Based School Avoidance is a term used to describe children and young people who have severe difficulty attending school due to emotional factors, often resulting in prolonged absences from school.

Sometimes it is obvious from a young person’s presentation and chronic non-attendance that they are experiencing significant difficulties. However, others will experience anxiety around going to school that will be harder for school staff to identify. These young people may have sporadic non-attendance or a pattern of absence corresponding to a particular lesson or day. When these children are in school they may disengage from lessons, complain about feeling unwell or make frequent requests to go home.

Free Webinar

The Department for Education has funded a special 75-minute training session on June 10th at 3.30pm to support school leaders, teachers and practitioners to identify pupils at risk of EBSA. Gavin Hayman (NYCOA Project Manager), will describe the causes and reasons for school avoidance and provide advice, strategies and assessment tools proven to develop positive outcomes. Following the webinar, practitioners should be better equipped to support children and young people to make a positive return to school, with all necessary and reasonable adjustments in place within the school environment.

If you would like to book a place on this free webinar please contact NYES on 01609 533222 or nyes@northyorks.gov.uk and quote course code: IES-OM-0621-T001.

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