In the 2021/22 academic year, we will start a new initiative called ‘Glasses in Classes’ to support children to get their eyes tested and then have the appropriate follow-up appointments and access to glasses, where needed.

This is based on a pilot project in Bradford Opportunity Area which showed signs of positive progress. Between 10-15% of children who have an eyesight test are diagnosed as needing glasses. Of those around 30% are not taken to opticians to get glasses. Half of those who do attend an optician’s appointment do not wear their glasses. Here is more on the impact it has had across Bradford.

We are looking to work with 25 schools across the borough next year to trial school-led vision screening one school year, most likely year 2 and in year 7.

The main responsibility for schools would be to identify a ‘vision coordinator’, this could be any member of staff that works best for your setting. A vision coordinator needs to attend one training session of around an hour.

We would train the vision coordinate to carry out a short vision screen on children and will provide the equipment to support this. The vision coordinator would also be responsible for looking after the school pair of glasses and to provide these to the children, if necessary. The role may also involve speaking with parents to reassure and follow up on appointments.

Please get in touch if you are interested in taking part.

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