1st Class @Number (subsidised – participating schools pay only £400)

This is combined online and face to face training (at a Pickering venue) for a link teacher and a TA in how to implement this highly effective, time limited, intervention which can be delivered to an intervention group of up to 4 pupils.

Each topic can be tailored to meet the pupil’s needs. 1st Class@Number1 is for children who are working at the level of Year 1 curriculum and need support to develop their understanding, communication and reasoning skills within number and calculation, a programme following part of the Edgehill offer. For more information please see: https://everychildcounts.edgehill.ac.uk/mathematics/1stclassnumber/ and here.

Please contact the ECC team at Edge Hill University by phone or by email as soon as possible and by Friday 11th February 2022 01695 657 133 or ecc@edgehill.ac.uk

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