For primary and secondary schools in the North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area

‘Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from adversity’

Academic resilience means pupils achieving good educational outcomes despite adversity. For schools, promoting it involves strategic planning and detailed practice involving the whole school community to help vulnerable pupils do better than their circumstances might have predicted. This then has a universal impact on all pupils. Resilience is not something that people either have or don’t have – it is learnable and teachable and as we learn we increase the range of strategies available to us when things get difficult.

Being involved in this project will give schools the framework and tools to increase their understanding of how to build resilience for the most vulnerable pupils as well as exploring how the systems and processes in their own schools help to build resilience for ALL pupils.

Due to a successful pilot partnership project between NYCC and the Esk Valley Teaching Alliance further funding has been made available through the North Yorkshire Coast Opportunity Area, enabling all schools in the area to access training, actively participate in CPD around Academic Resilience and become part of a ‘community of practice’ focused on building resilience.

The initial pilot project was evaluated by the University of York and the findings indicated a positive increase in resilience levels for pupils. Further effective key components were identified which would be key aspects of the training with the next cohort of schools.

This is an exciting opportunity for your school to get involved through training, learning from staff who were part of the pilot project and a range of tools to help your school increase the resilience of the whole school community. It is being fully funded through the Opportunity Area Programme.

Schools who take part in the project will receive as part of the project:

  • A minimum of three training days
  • Involvement in a ‘community of practice’
  • Access to range of tools and supporting information
  • Some funding to support the implementation and sustainability of the project

On Monday 25th June, 25 leaders from schools across the OA met to find out more about Academic Resilience. This approach to learning has shown signs of success during a pilot last year with  17 schools, led by the Esk Valley TSA, North Yorkshire Education Services and partner agencies.

If you missed the evening, and are interested in joining this next cohort of Academic Resilience, please contact and pencil in Tuesday 25th September 2018 for the launch event.