Helping your child with maths
Everyone can help their child with maths, regardless of their maths confidence.

National Numeracy, a charity that aims to improve numeracy for everyone,
give the following Top Tips for Parents:

  • Be positive about maths – don’t say things like “I can’t do maths” or “I
    hated maths at school” – ; your child might start to think like that
  • Point out the maths in everyday life – include your child in activities
    involving maths such as using money, cooking and travelling.
  • Praise your child for effort rather than talent – this shows them that
    by working hard they can always improve.

You can find more advice on how to talk to your children about maths here.

National Numeracy also provides activities parents can use to help their
children with maths.

Improve your own maths and numeracy
Improving your own maths and numeracy could benefit your children as well
as yourself!

To check your numeracy level and access free resources to help improve
your maths, check out the National Numeracy Challenge.

Find out what your child’s school is doing

Schools and settings across Whitby, Scarborough and Filey have been invited to take part in an exciting range of free events and activities. These include fun maths competitions suitable for all ability levels and exciting interactive shows with maths presenters brought from across the UK. Schools have also been offered free resources and training to host their own events and activities.

Contact your child’s school to find out how they are getting involved in Maths Month!