This project will:

  • Support the development of a common vision around what great maths teaching is.
  • Work with teachers across KS2 and 3 to develop a shared understanding of the areas of strengths and weaknesses of pupils during transition between KS2/3 (primary to secondary school).
  • Draw on the findings of the EEF’s maths guidance report and take a pedagogical stance looking to improve teachers’ understanding of teaching styles and children’s learning across this transition phase.

Training Objectives:

  1. For teachers to have a deeper understanding of students’ learning at each phase to enable transition to be smoother and teaching across key stages to be aligned.
  2. To draw on the good practice already happening and open up channels of communication in schools across the district.  We will scale the model up over the 3 years, starting at a smaller level and scaling up if successful.
  3. To ensure that future teaching in primary schools supports learning in secondary by eliminating common misconceptions and teaching for depth. (In the future, we would aim for this collaborative model to be used as a means through which to develop the maths mastery model and students’ deeper understanding of mathematics).

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