The Teach First programme is a two-year leadership development programme for graduates, in the main attracting individuals who have secured a minimum academic qualification of a 2:1 in an undergraduate programme. Candidates commence on the programme as unqualified teachers, securing Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) status into their second year on the programme. The Teach First programme commences with a summer institute programme, an intensive 5-week immersion into the theory and practice of teaching. This is supported through partnerships with the UK’s leading teacher training universities. Following the immersion programme, Teach First candidates are supported in schools throughout their two-year in school programme by both school based staff, but also draw on support from Teach First staff and undertake skills development seminars and conferences as a full cohort. As part of the two-year leadership development programme, Teach First candidates work towards a Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) which is typically two thirds of a full traditional Masters programme.

The Teach First programme has both primary and secondary elements that schools on the coast are eligible for.

Our programme will fund 90% of the Teach First costs in year 1 for new trainees, as well as offer schools an innovation grant of £1,500 per trainee to support the school in developing their own means of supporting the retention of their Teach First graduates over the lifetime of the programme and beyond. This could be for example: enhanced mentoring; networking their candidates with other schools’ candidates, trainees, or newly qualified teachers and; developing more innovative approaches to meeting housing or travel needs.

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Laura Pilkington, Year 4 Teacher, Barrowcliff School:

“After graduating from Leeds University in 2016, I was unsure where my journey would take me. I had noticed Teach First at the careers fair and I was drawn to the shared vision that no child should be limited by their socio-economic background. I wanted to be part of this movement which allowed me to explore teaching, learning and leadership.

Upon being placed in Scarborough, I anxiously packed up my belongings and moved to the opposite coast line where I had never before ventured. After spending time being a typical tourist on the East Coast, I realised there were plenty of opportunities to explore and unwind. I have since grown in confidence and independence and accepted new responsibilities and challenges that I would not have taken without the support and dedication of the school and the move I have undertaken. Barrowcliff has become more than just a work place but instead it is a place where support and a cup of tea are never too far away nor too much trouble.

I now call Scarborough my home and I am proud to be living in this beautiful part of Yorkshire.

The quote, “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main”, has never been more resonant than at Barrowcliff school.